The BTE DOT Guard Rail Cleaner (GRC) is the latest attachment for the BTE DOT System. The system includes the Mini Culvert Cleaner, Mulcher, Boom Mower, Rock Scaler, and now the Guard Rail Cleaner.

The GRC enables transportation departments to clear the berms and debris that inhibits the flow of water from the roadways. These berms, or ridges, are made up of road trash, road millings, vegetation, and other debris that gathers and causes the water to pond or travel back on roadways and wash out around guard rail posts. When the posts wash out, the ability of the guard rails to handle impact is greatly diminished, increasing danger to motorists.


When water can’t escape the roadway and becomes ponded, loss of traction and control, as well as reduced visibilities, contribute to dangerous driving conditions.


When teamed with the BTE Mini Excavator, the powerful BTE Guard Rail Cleaner, helps keep shoulders and right of ways clear of debris and dead vegetation, helping to prevent fires.  Vehicle caused wildfires claim thousands of adjacent acres each year, but studies show that keeping guard rail areas and right of ways clear of dead vegetation and debris, along with short-cropped mowing, helps to prevent fires from spreading.









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